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Waldun Forest Products is one of the largest mills in the shake and shingle industry. They  provide enduring fire protection with a state of the art treating process. Cedar Plus high quality cedar shakes and shingles are placed in pressure treatment cylinders where fire retardants are injected into the inner cells of the wood. Their focus is to manufacture shakes and shingles from end pieces that would otherwise be wasted in the lumber-making process, as well as from blocks removed from fallen trees in the forests.

Shakes are available in a #1 grade which allows a minimum of 80% edgegrain and a maximum of 20% flatgrain or a #1 premium grade which must be 100% edgegrain.  Cal-Vintage installs handsplit shakes that are 24” in length.  They have a split face and resawn back and come in medium and heavy shake.  The warranty on the medium shakes is 30 years and on the heavy is 50 years. Class A or C fire ratings are available.

Out of all the different building materials, wood is the most energy conserving offers a natural, rustic charm and is the only material that is 100% reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, and renewable. Wood roofing and siding, is made from a resource that can be planted, harvested, and planted again and again.  Wood is the choice for a sustainable future.

Handsplit Shakes


Handsplit Shakes

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