Gutter Screens

No homeowner wants to spend their time cleaning out debris from their gutters. Gutter screens allow your gutters to function properly, keeping the water moving efficiently though the gutters to the downspouts, and away from the home’s foundation. They also add style to the exterior of a home, while providing many years of clean, trouble–free proper water dispersion off your home’s roof.

A clogged gutter also can provide homes for unwanted animals. The leaves, twigs, and needles that collect can provide a sanctuary for birds, insects, squirrels, and other rodents. These intruders can cause damage to your gutters, roof, and home.  Gutter screens can help keep bugs, rodents, and animals out and better protect your home. They also prevent grasses, weeds, and moss from growing and adversely affecting your home. Cal-Vintage Roofing offers two types of Gutter Screens-with mesh and without mesh.

Green Gutter Screens for All Roofs

There are many gutter screens on the market but none of them compare to Green Gutter Screens!! For overall performance, design, pricing and choice of sizes they just can’t be beat!! Once you have seen and used a “Green Gutter Screen” the decision is simple.

Cal-Vintage Roofing installs the following two models: Aluminum and Steel. Each model can be made to fit gutter openings ranging from 4” wide up to 9”. No one else makes a screen to cover anywhere near this range. If you have a small residential gutter or a huge commercial gutter, Green Gutter has a product that will fit your needs. Green Gutter Screens also can be made in copper. Each Green Gutter Screen gutter product comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty.  Occasional maintenance of your screens is recomended to ensure there is no buildup of debris which would block the flow of water into the gutter system.

The Two Designs are “Z” bend or “Standard”

The “Z” bend uses a compression fit which makes the product easy to install without affecting the existing roof. You “snap it” into the existing gutter. The “Z” bend design is particularly useful with roofs where it is difficult to install the screen under the roofing material. Good examples would be metal, slate, concrete tile, and other artificial wood shake roofs.

The “standard” product is a flat material with a front edge that attaches effectively to the front lip of any gutter. The back of the product tucks under the existing roofing material. This product would be installed on composition roofs.

Green Gutter-Steel 
Powder coated black or white tiny hole screens with the wave and the “Z” bend. Large, standard or tiny holes. We recommend the tiny hole product as these holes are small enough to keep out the majority of tree debris.

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from 100% recycled metals
  • 100% mesh means no overflow
  • The wave maximizes water intake

Tiny Holes Without Mesh