Seamless Gutters Installation Sacramento

Raingutters and Downspouts

Cal-Vintage Roofing provides a wide range of rain gutter services from installing new systems to repairing and replacing existing gutters. Raingutters help maintain the integrity of your home and are essential to its overall health. Downspouts also play an important role in your gutter system. They work with your gutters to collect water and drain it away from your home’s foundation and prevent gutters from clogging.

Proper installation and maintenance of a gutter system are vital. An old, damaged, incomplete, clogged, or improperly installed gutter system can result in damages to your home and property:

  • Foundation flooding
  • Yard erosion
  • Mold and mildew, leading to cracking and leaking in attics, ceilings, wall spaces
  • Discoloration of concrete or brick, from excessive water exposure.
  • Clogged gutters can cause pools of water that can attract insects and deteriorate the understructure of the roof by promoting dry rot in the eaves and roof deck.

* We recommend cleaning your raingutters and downspouts twice a year (fall and spring) and hiring a professional who has the proper equipment to clean them efficiently and safely.

Seamless Raingutters

At Cal-Vintage Roofing, we only use pre-painted seamless raingutters in sizes 5  & 7 inch regular fascia and 5 & 6 O.G. (old gothic). Our standard colors are white or brown and custom colors are available(additional charges may apply. A seamless rain gutter system is more durable than a sectional gutter system and lasts longer because there’s no need for seams or joints which can crack, leak, and allow water in unwanted places.  They are easier to maintain especially if you add leaf protection/gutter guards. You won’t have any leaks because the water is contained in a smooth and continuous aluminum trough that continues down alongside the roofline. This can help prevent problems with mold build up and the warping of your roof’s fascia boards. They are constructed from aluminum, copper or steel and come with a lasting baked on enamel finish that requires no painting. A custom fit system will insure you have perfect measurements to fit your roofline.