Radiant Barrier (Heat Shield)

Radiant Barrier blocks the effects of radiant heat gain in homes by reflecting radiant heat (the sun) rather than absorbing it. Solar Board (other radiant barrier products are available) is a radiant barrier sheathing product for roofs and exterior walls- a combination of two products-heat reflecting foil laminated to OSB (Oriented Strand Board). The union of the materials results in radiant barrier sheathing that is unsurpassed in reducing heat transfer.

  • Radiant barrier reflects radiant heat back towards its source, reflecting as much as 97 %( reducing summer heat gain and winter heat loss)
  • Reduces attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees F. (when applied with a ¾” air space)
  • Prolongs life of heating/air conditioning system
  • Reduces cooling costs (as much as 25%). In winter, helps hold heat in home as well, which reduces heating costs.
  • Increases the efficiency of attic ductwork. They are clean, safe and non-toxic
  • Maintenance free, and does not deteriorate over time
  • Your family and friends are more comfortable!

Cal-Vintage Roofing is proud to promote green roofing and building products that further our education and support the environment with safe and earth friendly products. Our sales consultants can design a “Cool Roof Package” that fits your budget and makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient!