Choosing the Right Roofing for Older Homes: What Are Your Options?

Older homes are the ones that are more than 50 years old. In the real estate sector, although many find old homes to be a turnoff, living in a historic house is a privilege for some people. But older homes have needs, whether they are pre- or post-war antique homes or houses inherited from your parents. Roofing older homes can be especially difficult. Some older houses may not be compatible with modern roofing materials. So, let us see how to choose the right roofing for older homes and why you need only the top roofing contractors in the city of Folsom to manage the roofing of older homes.

Best Roofing Materials for Older Homes


Tile roofs have been popular for a long time. Hence, they are perfect for older homes. Such tiles come in many styles and colors, but clay tiles are the most well-known. They are associated with Dutch, Spanish, English, and French architectural traditions that can still be seen today.

Although their popularity waned over time, they saw a resurgence in the mid-19th century when Italian and Romanesque architecture became popular. Though replicating the shape and color of old tiles is difficult, there are numerous tile options offered by the top roofing contractors in Folsom that can be used to recreate the original style of older homes.


When it comes to older roofs, you may not think of metal. This is because most people associate metal roofing with sleek and modern houses. But the reality is that sheet metal and copper roofs have been used in construction since the 1800s. Some old roofs were even made of alloys derived from tin and lead. So, while the popularity of metal roofing declined in the 1920s, many sturdy roofs from this period are still standing today. There are many ways to ensure that your older home retains its original style when installing modern metals that are safer and more efficient.

Wooden Shingles/Shake

These are probably the most well-known historical roofing materials from the colonial period into the 19th century. Oak, pine, and cypress shingles have been the most popular options for older homes. White oak is the most durable option. Red cedar has also been popular due to its rot resistance. Shake roofs are commonly associated with modern homes as they are composite materials. But their popularity can be traced back to the 1840s. Hence, wooden tiles and shakes are still used for repairing older roofs today.


This has been used in America since the 1700s but was not used for homes until the early-mid 1800s, after the railroad investigation, since it made it easier to transport heavy material. In the 19th century, colorful green, red, purple, and blueish-gray slate rose. It was widely used in the 20th century. However, today’s slate roofing differs from the heavy slate used in older houses. But they can still recreate the original slate look for older homes.

The Bottom Line

So, if you own a historic home, these are the various roofing options that would be offered to you. But make sure you pick only experienced roofing contractors who understand the uniqueness and complexity of older home roofings so that you do not face a problem later after the roofing is installed.