The Pros and Cons of Installing Wood Shake Roofs

Homeowners have several options when it comes to roofing. From slate roofing to metal roofing, there is no shortage of choices. However, wood is on top of the list for some. Why so? Wood has a natural appeal and gives a rustic feel to a country-style home. There are many visual advantages, but of course, we will not suggest it to you if you want something that is low-maintenance.

Before you choose wood shake roofs, check this post, as we have highlighted the pros and cons of having a wood shake roof. You can get a roof repair in Sacramento or get a new wood shake roof installed. Keep reading!

Are Wood Shake Roofs Still Trending?

Some people like the rustic feel of wood shake roofs. Since modern materials are making their way into the industry, the chances of getting a wood shake roof have become low. As a homeowner, you have to think about both the pros and cons. By doing so, you will be able to weigh your options carefully.

The Perks of Installing Wood Shake Roofing

  1.  Wood shake roofing looks naturally aesthetic
    Wood looks amazing on any home, and it gives a welcoming and warm appeal too. Shingles usually fade to give your house a rustic look. In case you have wood siding, a stone exterior, or a brick house, consider getting a wood shake roof.
  2. It costs less
    Wood shakes cost less compared to other roof materials. It has a mid-range roofing price. In case you want something affordable with a lovely aesthetic, opt for wood shakes because they are the best.
  3.  Wood will remain classy forever
    Wood shakes roofing looks very classy yet rustic. Can you get both from one material? That’s hard to tell! Wood shakes are quite versatile, and they will go with any kind of house. From the contemporary, countryside, to traditional, wood shakes look good in every home.

The Pitfalls of Wood Shake Roofing

Everyone adores the look of wooden roofing, but it has certain drawbacks. Wood shake roofing is vulnerable to pests and moisture.

Leakage is also a possible factor if you live in an area where it rains a lot.

In case of moisture and other weather conditions, you may get pests and mold on the wooden shake roofs. Mold has the power to shorten the lifespan of your roof which causes major issues later.

Discoloration is also a problem with having a wood-shake roof. Some people don’t mind the faded color, but if you are particular about the color, it is best to opt for some other material. Think about it from a different perspective.

If you live in an area where there is too much rainfall or other weather concerns, select another material.

Concluding Thoughts

If having a wood roof is something you are considering, you will be pleased with the aesthetics. If it’s not your top choice, consider selecting another material. Roofing service providers always have options to choose from.