Summer Heat & Your Roof

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The hot summer season is underway and just as hammering rains , high winds and  storms can damage a roof, so can the scorching  heat from the  sun.

The sun and heat  can cause your roof to deteriorate over time and age faster. The shingles can become dried, cracked, decayed, and less adhesive and more likely to blow off. An attic that gets too hot(not vented properly) can  heat up the roof, therefore heating up the underside of the shingles causing damage.

“Heat exhaustion” of a roof can turn into a leaky roof. Don’t let that happen!  Our highly trained professionals can spot any signs of weakness that could be problematic come the next rainfall or even any damage you may not recognize. Call 916-635-8320 today and schedule your free roof inspection.