Stone Coated Steel/Metal Roofing-UnifiedSteel

Founded by the US steel roofing industry veterans, UnifiedSteel has over 100 years of combined experience in  stone-coated steel technology. A superb alternative to concrete tile… the 26-gauge Galvalume steel panels are coated with an acrylic basecoat. These interlocking panels create a strong, weather-tight, environmentally friendly roof that will beautify and protect any home. UnifiedSteel offers a choice between the traditional elegance of hand split wood and the distinctive beauty of tile. And it comes with a Lifetime Transferable Limited warranty that can be transferred as many times, up to 50 years, with no cost (the only warranty in the roofing industry capable of doing so).

Our Design Center/Showroom has the largest display of UnifiedSteel products in Northern California and we are factory certified to install them.

Stone Coated Steel/Metal Roofing Profiles


Barrel-Vault Tile

Resembles the authentic look of Spanish tile while increasing your home’s value

Pine-Crest Shake

Engineered to replicate hand-split wood shake with the durability only metal can provide.

Cottage Shingle

Mediterranean style with superior performance in a high wind and hail impact resistance tile panel.

Cottage Shingle

Unique offset, multi-grooved, deep weather side-lap that creates a classic cottage look.

UnifiedSteel Metal Roofing:

  • Will not crack, break, curl, split, chip, peel, rot or absorb water.
  • Lightweight, only 1.4lbs. per square foot in weight. Concrete and clay roofs can weigh up to 6 lbs. per square foot.
  • 120 mph wind warranty.
  • Improves home rigidity in case of earthquake. Reinforcement is not required.
  • Walkable unlike concrete and clay roofs and maintenance free!
  • Will not rust or dent. It can stand up to hail storms-2.5 Hailstone warranty, snow loads and extreme wind conditions.
  • Insects/termites are not a problem.
  • Fire-Rating: Depending on sub-roofs and underlayment, UnifiedSteel offers a Class A, B or C fire rating. The panels are incombustible and safe from exposure to airborne burning cinders. The patented interlocking fastening system prevents the tiles and shakes from lifting and allowing blowing embers to ignite the roof deck.
  • Energy efficient- The panels are installed over an elevated batten system which creates an air space that insulates the roof from extreme heat or cold. Additional insulators can be applied in this space for even greater energy savings (1 1/2” of insulation which is a R-Value of 5.1). Steel roofs have a minimum of 30% recycled content and are 100% recyclable when removed as part of building renovation or demolition.
  • Resale-With its durable appearance, long life and fire resistance features, a UnifiedSteel roof will add value to your home, a major importance to the prospective homebuyer.
  • A UnifiedSteel roof is the last roof you will ever buy! – It could easily outlast your home-50 to 75 years is not an unrealistic estimate.
  • May reduce insurance premiums.
  • CA. Title 24 compliant.


*To learn more about UnifiedSteel products, please go directly to their website by clicking the logo below.