Roofing Products

Roof products to go with your roofing system.

Quality roofing materials and installations from an experienced roofing company are essential for a long-lasting, full roof replacement. Cal-Vintage also has other products to compliment your roof and provide additional energy efficiency to your home. Low-E Therma Sheet Underlayment, Blown – In- Attic Insulation, Radiant Barrier and Solar Attic fans are designed to cool your attic and your home. Have a dark space? A tube skylight uses natural light and not electricity. If your gutters are rusty, leaking or bent out of shape, it may be time for a new gutter system. And to keep those gutters clean and free of debris, gutter screens are the best protection.


Low-E Reflective Insulation with Roofing System

Your Local Roofing Company Low –E Specialist
Low- E Therma Sheet, an industry leading thermal and moisture barrier underlayment is designed to outlast and outperform yesterday’s underlayments. It reflects up to 97% of the radiant heat that is normally transferred into the attic by super-heated roofing materials. Low-E Therma Sheet is also approved as a cool roof alternative (meets Title 24).


Seamless Gutters / Downspouts with your Roof System

Keep your Sacramento Roof Healthy And Free Of Water
Gutters and downspouts are some of the most important parts of a roofing system.  Properly installed gutters keep damaging water away from your roof, your house and its’ foundation. This includes keeping moisture away from windows, doors, walkways and more. Your gutter and downspout system can help you avoid a multitude of water issues like fascia and mold damage just to name a few.


Blown-In- Attic Insulation

Warmer Winter, Cooler Summer
The attic is one of the easiest places to add insulation to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. In conjunction with installing a reroof, our service award winning roofing company can install blown- in- attic insulation. Attic insulation is also approved as a cool roof alternative (meets Title 24).


Tube Skylights in Your Roof

Our Roofing Company Bringing A Little Light into Your Home
Tube Skylights have become the ideal solution for lighting interiors in a cost-effective, energy-efficient and eco-friendly way. They significantly reduce the need for electricity while keeping people connected to the outdoor environment.


Solar Attic Fans to Cool Your Roof System

Improve The Comfort, Efficiency, and Longevity Of your home
A Solar Attic Fans work like electric attic fans, but run on solar energy. They reduce heat build-up in your attic and can minimize the load on your HVAC system. Available for all roof types, solar attic fans install easily with no electrical wiring or structural changes and blend seamlessly into your roof line.


Gutter Screens to Protect Your Roof

Prevention and Protection for Your Investment
Gutter screens prevent your gutters from being clogged with leaves, debris and water. The screens also can eliminate nesting of mosquitoes and wasps in your gutters. There are several types of gutter screens. Cal-Vintage installs screens with mesh and without mesh.


Radiant Barrier

Reduce Heat… Reflect Heat
Radiant Barriers (also known as reflective insulation) are a type of thermal (heat) insulations that inhibits heat transfer by thermal radiation. Radiant barriers are installed in the attic. A cooler attic space means less heat moving to the cooler space below the attic. Radiant Barrier is also approved as a cool roof alternative if installed with a 1″ air space.