Roof Installation Process

Get ready…here comes the Cal-Vintage Crew!! We know a home improvement project can be challenging and we want your roofing project to go as smooth as possible….done professionally, thoroughly and on time. Cal-Vintage only uses the highest quality of roofing materials that not only keeps your home safe, dry and protected…but will transform your homes look.

During the process, there may be a few bumps along the way and some matters we cannot control (uncooperative weather), but our goal is to make your project a positive experience for both you and Cal-Vintage….so let’s get started!

Site Prep, Tear Off, Roof System Material Delivery

Every job has a Crew Leader and one will be assigned to your project and is your point of contact at the job site. Our Field Superintendent, Martin Barajas also oversees each project during the entire installation process. He is in contact with each customer from the beginning of the project until the end. We believe that communicating effectively helps keep the project flowing seamlessly. Brent Irick, the Director of Operations will be your first point of contact once your paperwork is processed. He manages the reroof department and he is responsible for coordinating the production crews, subcontractors and material suppliers. He is also another point of contact if needed. Communication is key at Cal-Vintage Roofing and if you ever feel that your questions are not being answered or you need the process to be explained…please do not hesitate to ask.

Your Home and Family’s Safety is our #1 Priority 
We won’t risk your home or family’s safety. We’ll take every precaution to make sure your job site is well prepared ahead of any work performed and neatly maintained throughout the job.

1. Brent Irick will call and let you know when your reroof is scheduled: when the tear off company will be out (if a tear off is part of the project), the date the material will be delivered, and when the dump trailer/job sign will be out (trailer placed on your property for daily cleanup), and when the roofing crew will be out to start installing the roofing material. All roofing projects are required to have building permits and each city has different inspection requirements at different stages of the process.

2. Once the tear off is completed, we will inspect for dry rot. The tear off company will clean out the garage floor if there is access.

3. Material is then loaded on the roof or on the driveway (depending on the product).

4. From there, our crew will install the roof deck sheathing (OSB or plywood) if needed or use the existing deck. If you purchased Blown-In –Attic Insulation, that would be installed after the tear roof (Insulation is compliant with Title 24 requirement).

Underlayment, Flashings, Grid System, Title 24 on Your Roof

5. Install flashings as required.

6. The underlayment (synthetic or felt) is installed after the material is loaded.

7. Depending the on the product (Steel/Tile), a grid system-batts are installed (compliant with Title 24 requirement).

8. If  Low E Therma Sheet is installed as part of the roofing system, it is installed on top of  the underlayment for all roofing products(Low E is compliant with Title 24 requirement).

Installing Roof Material

9. We are now ready to install the roofing material and other roof products or construction related items (skylights, solar tubes, solar brackets). The roof installation can take anywhere from 3-7 days depending on the product and weather.

Roof Clean Up

Clean up is done on a daily basis and on final completion of job (magnet detector is used). Our crew will walk the entire property and thoroughly check for any roof debris, nails, etc.

Final Roofing Paperwork and Warranties

Upon completion of your project, Martin or Brent will evaluate the roofing project and determine whether it has been done to our standards, your standards and contract specifications. If there are any corrections, those will be taken care of before the final inspection. Once the inspection is finalized by the city, an appointment will be made to go over the final paperwork, at the home or the office: this includes: the final invoice, workmanship/manufacturer’s warranty and  customer survey. Our goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied and your experience with our office staff, production department and roofing crew was a success! The relationships we create with our clients continue long after the roof is installed……they become part of our “Roofing” family.