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Relax knowing your roof is covered by Sacramento's leading roofing contractor

roofing contractor sacramento inspectionWe understand the demands of a real estate transaction and our services can assist realtors, brokers, buyers and sellers in determining significant information about the roof that home inspectors often miss. Protecting your investment and the interior of your home should be insuring that the roof system is properly installed and leak free. Whether buying, selling, renting, appraising or remodeling, knowing the true condition of your roof system may alter the direction of your home project.

Roofing Estimates: (Repair, Reroof) 

Cal-Vintage offers free estimates that include a proposal that itemizes any necessary repairs or reroof, the cost for the work, and any warranty that would apply to that particular roof system.

  • Prompt Service: Your escrow is closing or your contingency date is near...we do our best to meet those dates!
  • Detailed Follow Through: We make sure any roof work that is necessary is completed on schedule and needed documents are where they need to be on time. We also bill escrow upon request.
  • Communication: We believe communication is essential in operating a successful business. Our inspectors and office staff will contact all parties involved (realtors, buyers, sellers, escrow companies) if there are any changes to the scheduling of any work that may be needed on the property or any billing/payment modifications.

 Prices For Certifications/Warranties:

The price for a one (1) year roof certification/warranty is determined by the number of repairs and or reroof that may be needed on  a roof, plus an added cost for the perceived liability the Company faces in covering the leak-free status of that roof for the entire certification/warranty period.  A two (2) year is $660.00 plus the number of repairs/reroof that may be needed.

Reason For Roofing Certifications:

  • A Tool To Sell A Home
  • Disclose The Roof’s Life Expectancy
  • Make Any Necessary Repairs And Remove The Condition As A Possible Objection To The Sale Of The House
  • Buyers May Pay For Their Own And Make Contingency Of The Contract
  • Give Buyers Peace Of Mind

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