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Summer Season Maintenance Tips

Chris Smith - Friday, June 10, 2016

A roof can be one of a building’s biggest financial investments and something that is easy to protect and neglect. Roofs receive a constant beating from a variety of sources: weather, structural movement, foot traffic, damage from accidents, and a lack of maintenance. Worst case scenario, repairs left completely ignored can lead to the need for a total replacement. The key is to detect a problem sooner rather than later, before problems become serious.

A well-maintained roof is your first defense to help ensure a secure and worry free property. Cal-Vintage recommends two roof inspections every year; one in the spring and one in the fall after the extreme weather of summer and winter.

These are the key elements of a roof inspection:

  • Regardless of shingle type, check for splits, cracks, and missing shingles.
  • Regularly clean gutters to prevent leakage and back-up. Heavy, clogged drains can cause stress on the structure of the roof and in the summer are the perfect breeding zone for mosquitoes. Maintenance is essential to prolonging gutter life and preventing foundation damage and interior leaks.
  • Check for debris behind skylights, valleys in the roof, pipes, and any other penetrations.
  • Check vents and fans. These products are designed to cool the attic
  • Make sure all seams and joints are secure and that sealants and flashings are in tip top shape.


Specific Roof Problems:

  • Vermin and pest control: Termites, squirrels, raccoons, and birds would all love to take up residence in your roof. Block small entry holes and remove new residents as quickly as possible.
  • Debris: Moss and debris on a roof can cause water to pool or linger for prolonged periods, which may ruin shingles and promote the growth of mildew.
  • Heavy storm damage: Driving wind and rain can loosen tiles, start leaks, and cause trees to fall. Do a scan after every storm.
  • Sun damage: Excessive sun can shorten the life of many roofing products like sealants. Make regular checks to ensure seals are doing their job.


Make a Checklist

These simple monthly tasks will protect you in the long run:

Take routine photos so you can easily monitor any roof changes.

Have a disaster plan. Who will you call the moment something goes wrong? When it comes to your roof, the damage can increase exponentially with every moment lost.

Be conscious of who’s up there. It’s been shown that approximately 40% of all roof problems occur because of human error. For example, workers going on your roof for window washing or HVAC repair can unknowingly cause damage.

If your property is a rental, encourage your tenants to inform you of any problems or leaks they encounter immediately, even if on the outside of the building. Help them help you.

A solid roof maintenance and repair plan helps homeowners, landlords, and property managers to avoid major problems by identifying and fixing them before they get out of control.

Work with A Roofing Professional

Extending the life of your roof is the ultimate goal. At Cal-Vintage, we can create a customized inspection and maintenance program tailored specifically to your needs in order to protect your investment.

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