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Management/ Production Team

Brent Irick

Director of Operations - Re-Roof & Repair Department

Brent is responsible for the overall management of the Re-Roof/Repair Department.  He brings to Cal-Vintage Roofing his vast knowledge of the roofing industry acquired over the last 25 years.  His extensive, diverse and highly successful career has included: installation, estimation, and crew/supervisor management of all roofing products.  Brent is proficient in managing large specialty roofing projects (apartments, HOA's) and also developing repair maintenance programs for property managers.  He also provides inspection/certification/estimate services to Real Estate and Property Management clients throughout Sacramento.  Brent is also the administrator of the safety program.

Brent Applies his broad experience to find the best solution for each of his clients, and is always looking to find the option that best suits the requirements of the job.

Valerie Habercorn

Project Coordinator

Valerie has spent the last decade working in the construction/roofing industry, and is an integral member of the Reroof/Repair Department. She has a wide range of functions under the direction of Brent including preparing/organizing sold reroof/repair projects, processing payroll, and scheduling repairs. All of this is done with an upbeat, positive attitude! Communication contributes to the success of our business and Valerie keeps the clients, Brent, Martin, and the roofers informed about project status and issues that may impact a project.

Martin Barajas

Field Superintendent - Reroof Department

Martin started in the roofing industry over 30 years ago as an installer. As Cal-Vintage Roofing’s Field Superintendent for the Reroof Department, he has the overall responsibility for the coordinated efforts, successful completion and smooth operation of all the reroof projects and is responsible for several ongoing projects at a time. Good communication is key to achieving customer satisfaction and Martin interacts and communicates with every client from start to finish! He is responsible for coordinating the various disciplines that interact on a reroof project such as the production crews, subcontractors and material suppliers. 

His thorough knowledge of all roofing concepts guarantees the customer the highest satisfaction.


Roof Installment Team

All of our roof installers are employees of Cal-Vintage Roofing.  They are all certified by the major roofing manufacturers which gives them the expertise and experience needed to install the roof product of your choice.


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