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Reroof Testimonials

Our goal as a top roofing contractor is for every customer to have a positive experience from the initial contact to the completion of their roofing project. Here is what a few of our customers have to say about their experience with Cal-Vintage Roofing...


April 2016
5133 Aileron, Fair Oaks, CA

"Good experience. Never replaced a roof before.  Tony was helpful and friendly as were the guys on site. Steve with Steiner Solar also friendly.  Good recommendation..." 



May 2015
6912 Hollybrook Dr, Sacramento, CA


6912 Hollybrook Dr 6912 Hollybrook Dr (113 KB)

"Martin's actions solidified that I made a good decision...."



February 2015
15107 Robles Grandes Dr, Rancho Murieta, CA


15107 Robles Grandes Dr 15107 Robles Grandes Dr (505 KB)

"Martin, Jose, and Mario were excellent workers.  They were polite, professional...."



January 2015
Sacramento, CA

Entire Testimonial 

Irene Garcia Irene Garcia (6665 KB)

"Our experience with all employees from Cal-vintage has been a very pleasant experience...."



November 2014
1984 Vista Mar Dr, El Dorado Hills, CA


1984 Vista Mar Dr. 1984 Vista Mar Dr. (3865 KB)

"I highly endorse and fully recommend Cal-Vintage Roofing company..."



August 2014
102 Flat Rock Dr, Folsom, CA


102 Flat Rock 102 Flat Rock (2107 KB)



January 2014
2701 Cottage Wy, Sacramento, CA


2701 Cottage Way 2701 Cottage Way (175 KB)

"Thank you for your professionalism that you and your company displayed..."



August 2013
9363 Tule Ct, Elk Grove, CA


9363 Tule Court 9363 Tule Court (282 KB)

"Crew was accommodating, communicative, and professional..."



June 2013
5026 Susan Oak Dr, Fair Oaks, CA


5026 Susan Oak Dr. 5026 Susan Oak Dr. (372 KB)

"The Roof was completed in a timely matter..."



October 2013
5012 El Don Dr, Rocklin, CA


5012 El Don Drive, 5012 El Don Drive, (301 KB)

"Excellent service from beginning to end..."




June 2012
8833 Country Creek Dr, Orangevale, CA


8833 Country Creek Drive 8833 Country Creek Drive (444 KB)

"Excellent Job.  All workers were top notch..."



October 2012
107 Copper Creek Dr, Folsom, CA


107 Copper Creek 107 Copper Creek (1287 KB)

"Excellent installation by professional employees..."



July 2012
364 Santa Ynez Wy, Sacramento, CA


364 Santa Ynez Way 364 Santa Ynez Way (77 KB)

"Everyone was great! We're very please with the final roof..."



November 2011
Tomlinson Dr, Folsom, CA

 "I am very pleased with the overall product Cal-Vintage has installed on my roof! I have referred many of my neighbors to Cal-Vintage and I will continue doing so!!"




October 2011
7654 River Ranch Wy, Sacramento, CA


7654 River Ranch Way 7654 River Ranch Way (73 KB)

"Always professional and easy to communicate with..."



December 2011
104 Clunie Dr, Sacramento, CA


104 Clunie Drive 104 Clunie Drive (60 KB)

"Excellent prompt service..."



July 2010
5301 Trimotor Ct, Fair Oaks, CA


5301 Trimotor Court 5301 Trimotor Court (81 KB)

"Love my roof!..."



April 2010
310 Emerson Court, Roseville, CA


310 Emerson Court 310 Emerson Court (77 KB)

"Please with the service and finished product provided by Cal-Vintage Roofing team..."



May 2010
1101 La Jolla Wy, Sacramento, CA


1101 La Jolla way 1101 La Jolla way (480 KB)



January 2009
3444 Solari Way, Sacramento, CA


3444 Solari Way 3444 Solari Way (47 KB)

"Our research showed you were a company in good standing with a favorable track record..."




January 2009
9563 Wadena Wy, Elk Grove, CA


9563 Wadena Way 9563 Wadena Way (37 KB)

"I was very impressed with Tom Jordan and his workers professionalism and knowledge..."



June 2009
Gold River Manor III H.O.A, Gold River, CA


Gold River Manor III H.O.A Gold River Manor III H.O.A (70 KB)



May 2008
420 Trowbridge Lane, Folsom, CA


7960 Shelborne Dr 7960 Shelborne Dr (835 KB)

"Great service, great workers, fast and clean! Thanks..."



October 2008
14 Waterthrush Ct, Sacramento, CA


14 Waterthrush Ct. 14 Waterthrush Ct. (47 KB)

"Not only does it look better than I imagined it would, it is the best looking roof in the neighborhood..."



May 2008
101 Hinkle Ct, Folsom, CA


101 Hinkle Ct 101 Hinkle Ct (41 KB)

"Pete helped us keep the roof sealed during this time and replaced the roof promptly when the weather was good. Excellent job..."



February 2007
8406 Ruggles Ct, Fair Oaks,


8406 Ruggles Ct. 8406 Ruggles Ct. (37 KB)

"This was a painless process. Mike Reynolds was very attentive and an excellent communicator..."



February 2007
450 Blue Ravine Rd, Folsom


450 Blue Ravine Rd 450 Blue Ravine Rd (34 KB)

"Very professionally and quickly completed. We were extremely satisfied with the workmanship..."



September 2007
104 Swift River Dr, Folsom


104 Swift River Dr 104 Swift River Dr (53 KB)

"Pete’s initial presentation was terrific!; very prompt response, very professional and knowledgeable-we were very impressed...."



August 2006
9125 Brevard Dr, Sacramento


9125 Brevard Drive 9125 Brevard Drive (367 KB)



May 2006
2928 Meadow Hawk Wy, Antelope


2928 Meadow Hawk Way 2928 Meadow Hawk Way (39 KB)

"The entire Cal-Vintage Roofing team was outstanding. I highly recommend Cal-Vintage..."



July 2006
2040 Campton Cir, Gold River,


2040 Campton Circle 2040 Campton Circle (36 KB)

"We would not hesitate to recommend Cal-Vintage to any of our friends and neighbors..."



August 2005
5833 Keyntel St, Citrus Heights


5833 Keyntel St. 5833 Keyntel St. (43 KB)

"All Cal-Vintage personnel were courteous and completed their work in a professional manner..."



June 2005
7130 Rollingside Ct, Citrus Heights


7130 Rollingside Court 7130 Rollingside Court (22 KB)

"This company goes the extra mile and the roof looks great..."




September 2005
117 Dyrell Wy, Folsom


117 Dyrell Way 117 Dyrell Way (36 KB)

"I already have referred you to friends/neighbors who are in need of roofing services..."



June 2004
102 Winterstein Dr, Folsom


102 Winterstein Dr. 102 Winterstein Dr. (47 KB)

"Wonderful service from start to finish! You’ve got professionalism and courtesy, hands down over all the other companies I contacted..."




November 2004
8525 Everglade Drive, Sacramento


8525 Everglade Dr. 8525 Everglade Dr. (37 KB)

"It was a great experience. I look forward to the rain now! My roof is beautiful..."




October 2003
460 N. Lexington Dr., Folsom


460 N. Lexington Dr 460 N. Lexington Dr (41 KB)

"Pete was outstanding! As an owner and business representative, he exudes a highly professional business attitude..."



2933 Mills Park Dr., Rancho Cordova


2933 Mills Park Dr. 2933 Mills Park Dr. (32 KB)

"It was like the roofing foreman was doing his own home. He was so picky..."




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